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Every piece of art has a story. At Uptown Frame, we ensure your memories and treasured memorabilia are not just preserved but also given a voice. From family photos to timeless artwork, our custom framing services are designed to ensure you can relive special moments, remember special people, and preserve precious memories for generations to come.

Are you ready to give your story the showcase it deserves?

Your Memories Don’t Belong in Closets and Shoe Boxes

Uptown Frame provides custom framing solutions to preserve and display your precious memories with unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail. Located in the heart of Dallas, we’ve served our community of art collectors and enthusiasts, sports collectors, business professionals, and interior decorators with premium framing solutions for over two decades. Don’t let your cherished memories fade away in darkness—bring them into the light where they can be celebrated and admired.

Our Custom Framing Services Tailored Just For You

Our Services

Custom Framing

Elevate your artwork, certificates, or personal photos with frames expertly tailored to accentuate their beauty and significance.

Mirror Framing

Transform any room by complementing your decor with custom-designed mirror frames that enhance your space and style.

Glazing Services

Preserve and highlight your artwork with our premium glazing options, offering protection from UV rays and reducing glare for a clearer view.

Conservation Framing

Safeguard your valuable art from environmental threats with our conservation framing, ensuring long-term protection without sacrificing aesthetics.

Shadow Boxes & Special Displays

Showcase your collectibles and memorabilia in custom-designed shadow boxes that make them the centerpiece of any room.

Repair Services

Revitalize your cherished frames with our expert repair services, restoring their beauty and integrity by replacing broken glass and worn mat.

Hear from our Happy Clients

Our clients’ stories are a testament to our dedication. See how we’ve transformed their spaces and preserved their most cherished items with care and expertise.

Amazing service, and the frame is just what I wanted. I’m throwing out the frames I ordered online, which were a total waste compared to Uptown’s quality. Thank you for your help JD!

-H. Rusty

I stopped by to have the glass fixed in a picture frame that I had broken of my wife’s mother, who recently passed. The gentleman fixed it in 5 minutes and refused to let me pay anything. What a nice gesture. Customer service is definitely still alive.

-Sean Williams

The framed photos I ordered turned out beautifully and they made the perfect Christmas gift. Really friendly/helpful service and such a quick turnaround time, given it was the holiday season. If you’re looking to get something professionally framed, I highly recommend Uptown!


I’m not surprised I’m adding to the list of 5-star reviews. John is lovely, and yes, I agree with the other reviews; it’s uplifting to find places where customer service is alive!


The Custom Framing Process with Uptown Frame

We Will Bring Your Vision to Life!



Step into our studio, where your framing journey begins. Here, we capture not just your vision but the essence of your memories. Tell us your story, and we’ll frame it.



Dive into a world of artistic possibilities as we help you choose the perfect materials and finishes that speak to your style and soul. From elegant to eclectic, your taste is our blueprint.



Watch your vision come to life in the hands of our master artisans. Every cut is precise, with every detail meticulously crafted, ensuring your piece looks perfect and feels right.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Our Promise & Guarantee

At Uptown Frame, we stand behind our work. Every piece we frame comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If it’s not perfect, we’ll make it right. That’s our promise to you.

Explore Our Artistry

Gallery of Work

Browse our gallery to see the range of possibilities we offer. From elegant minimalism to rich, ornate designs, our work does more than decorate a space—it defines it.

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