Glazing Services to Preserve and Enhance Your Artwork at Uptown Frame

Discover Premium UV Protection and Anti-Reflective Solutions with Our TruVue Glazing Options

At Uptown Frame, we know that the right glazing protects and magnifies your artwork’s beauty. Our specialized glazing services are designed to shield your treasured pieces from fading, damage, and glare, ensuring they are displayed in their best light. Whether you need glazing for fine art, photographs, or certificates, our experts are equipped to provide the finest options available.

Premium Protection: Our Commitment to Quality with TruVue Glazing

We exclusively use TruVue products, which are recognized as the industry leader in high-performance glazing materials. TruVue’s innovative solutions offer superior protection against UV rays, reducing glare and preserving the vibrant colors and details of your artwork, photographs, and memorabilia.

Our Legacy of Excellence

With over 25 years of specialized expertise, Uptown Frame has established a reputation for excellence in custom framing and glazing. Founded in 1995, our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a trusted partner in preserving your cherished artworks and memorabilia. Our expert artisans bring decades of experience and continuous training to every project, ensuring unmatched quality and care.

Explore Our Advanced Glazing Options

Our diverse range of glazing options is tailored to meet the unique needs of your artwork:

  • UV Protection: Our UV-blocking glass and acrylic options, like Conservation Clear and Museum Acrylic, prevent harmful rays from fading your artwork, ensuring the colors stay vibrant for generations.

  • Anti-reflective: Minimize glare and enhance visibility with options like Museum Glass, which is perfect for locations with variable lighting.
  • Conservation-Grade Acrylic: Choose our lightweight, shatter-resistant acrylic for robust UV protection, which is ideal for high-traffic areas or valuable artworks.

Detailed Glazing Options

  • Conservation Clear: Ideal for protecting their valued pieces from light. It blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, ensuring artwork is displayed without color distortion or glare.
  • Museum Glass: Offers unmatched clarity and a nearly invisible appearance, reducing reflections and glare to less than 1%.
  • Acrylic: A lightweight, shatter-resistant option well-suited for items that must be shipped or displayed in children’s rooms.
  • Museum Acrylic: Combines the clarity of Museum Glass with the durability of acrylic, perfect for valuable or irreplaceable items.

Personal Guidance Through the Glazing Process

We Will Bring Your Vision to Life!



Learn about our glazing options through in-depth consultations at our store, featuring hands-on samples and detailed explanations of each glass and acrylic type. Virtual consultations and online resources are also available for your convenience.



We offer highly customizable glazing services, cutting glass or acrylic to any size or shape to perfectly match your frame’s dimensions and meet any specific requests for UV protection, glare reduction, or other unique needs.



After you choose your glazing type, our team will precisely measure and cut the glass or acrylic to fit your frame perfectly. The installation process is meticulously managed to enhance and protect your artwork securely. If you are dealing with broken glass, we handle replacements with care and expertise, ensuring a flawless finish.

Discover the Best Protection for Your Artwork at Uptown Frame

At Uptown Frame, we protect your artwork and ensure it is showcased magnificently. Trust our experts to tailor the perfect glazing solution that meets your needs and enhances your art’s presentation. From our detailed consultations to our precision crafting, every step is designed with your artwork’s longevity and beauty in mind.

Take the next step in preserving and enhancing your art. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation or to receive a personalized quote.