Custom Mirror Framing

Frame Your Mirror, Reflect Your Style

At Uptown Frame, a frame is more than just a border around a mirror. It’s a reflection of your unique style and personality. Our custom framing services help you design a mirror that doesn’t just reflect an image—it embodies your vision, enhancing your space and bringing it to life.

How We Make It Easy:

  • Personalized Design Consultation
  • Thousands of Frame Styles and Finishes
  • Digital Previews of Your Framed Mirror
  • Transparent Pricing and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom Mirror Framing Services

We provide custom framing for a variety of mirrors, including:

  • Decorative Mirrors: Bring elegance to any room, from entryways to living rooms.
    Example: A sleek metal frame for a contemporary vibe.

  • Bathroom Mirrors: Add a personal touch to your bathroom decor.
    Example: A distressed wood frame to complement rustic bathroom interiors.

  • Full-Length Mirrors: Showcase your entire ensemble in style. Example: An ornate frame for a vintage look or a minimalist frame for a modern style.

  • Antique Mirrors: Preserve the vintage charm while adding a modern frame.
    Example: A classic wood frame for timeless elegance.

Custom Framing Approach:
Whether you bring your own mirror or choose one from our selection, we’ll help you create the perfect frame to complement your space. Just bring the dimensions or a photo, and we’ll guide you in designing a piece you’ll cherish.

Design and Materials

Choose from thousands of frame styles, materials, and finishes to create a mirror that reflects your unique taste. Some popular styles include:

  • Classic Wood Frames: Traditional elegance for any space.

  • Sleek Metal Frames: Contemporary chic for modern decor.

  • Distressed Frames: Rustic charm for a vintage vibe.
  • Ornate Frames: Intricate designs for a bold statement.

Unique and Uncommon Options:
We offer unique and uncommon framing options to reflect virtually any vision.

Customization Options

Our framing services are fully customizable to ensure your mirror aligns perfectly with your decor:

  • Size Adjustments: Tailor the frame to fit any mirror size.

  • Frame Thickness: Choose the right thickness to make your mirror stand out or blend into your decor.

  • Color and Finish: Find the perfect color and finish to complement your space.

Design Consultation Process

Creating a custom-framed mirror is easy with Uptown Frame:

  • Visit Us: Drop by our store with your mirror or just the dimensions, and we’ll help you start your journey.

  • Choose Your Frame: Browse thousands of frame options or consult our specialists to find the perfect fit.

  • Visualize Your Design: Use our digital previews to see what your mirror will look like with different frame styles and finishes.

  • Finalize Your Order: Once you’re happy with your design, we’ll provide an exact quote, and our artisans will get to work.

Personalized Design Support:
Our experienced team will guide you in choosing the perfect frame, ensuring your mirror enhances your space and reflects your unique style.

Turnaround Times

Our standard turnaround time for custom mirror framing is two weeks, reflecting our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship without unnecessary delays. If you’re working on a tight schedule, expedited services may be available to meet your urgent needs, depending on supply availability. We’re here to provide timely solutions while handling every detail with care and precision.

Pricing Transparency

Every mirror framing project requires a custom quote to ensure you receive the best possible value. Our point-of-sale software provides transparent pricing, showing you a clear breakdown of the materials, labor, and other costs. This means you can confidently make choices that fit your style and budget while understanding the value of each custom option.

Delivery & Pickup Options

Currently, all framed mirrors are available for in-store pickup only. This option ensures you can inspect our work and feel confident about the quality before leaving the shop. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of damage that can occur with careless shipping carriers. We meticulously wrap each framed mirror in protective packing materials to guarantee safe transport from our shop to your destination. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and this pickup process reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Our Brand Promise: We stand by our work and offer a 30-day re-craft or redesign policy. If you’re not completely satisfied with your framed mirror, we’ll make it right.

Ready to Showcase Your Art in Style?

At Uptown Frame, we’re not just about custom framing objects but about creating lasting legacies. Every frame we craft in Dallas is a testament to our dedication to quality and our passion for preserving what matters most to you. We understand that each piece of memorabilia, every cherished photograph, and every significant work of art tells a unique story that deserves the finest presentation and protection.

By choosing Uptown Frame’s custom framing services, you’re not just selecting a frame; you’re embracing a commitment to excellence and a promise to honor your memories with the care they deserve. Let us help you transform your treasured items into timeless displays that enhance your home or office.